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Bellarocca prides itself in its high-quality and standard in amenities and services. From babysitting to IT support, our resort facilities are fully equipped and ready to guarantee a hassle-free stay.

Hotel Lobby ∙ Piano lounge ∙ Cigar Room ∙Food and Beverage Outlets for all-day dining – Hotel Pavilion, Seaside Pavilion, Marina Cafe and Bar ∙ Wi-Fi satellite internet connectivity ∙ Library ∙ Meeting Room (complete business and meeting service available) ∙ Outdoor venues for weddings, banquets and special events ∙ Boutique ∙ Entertainment Room ∙ Fully-equipped Gym and Fitness Center ∙ Bellarocca Spa (opening late 2010) ∙ Meditation Sanctuary ∙Tea House ∙ Medical Clinic (resident doctor on call) ∙Hotel Lap Swimming Pool ∙ Seaside Swimming Pool ∙ Natural Hot Spring Pool ∙ Aqua Sports Center ∙ Picnic Grove ∙ Pristine white sand beachfront ∙ 9-hole Par 36 Golf Course and driving range.

We understand the importance of communication, thus, we ensure Internet connection for all lodgings. To take things a step further, we even guarantee Wi-Fi satellite connection from the Lobby at least just to make sure.

Among various other facilities, we offer a Piano Lounge, for when you want to hear classic to modern pieces through the lilting ivory keys and strokes of a master player. Care to take a shot at playing? By all means, this lounge is for anyone who has always felt the call that this lovely instrument beckons us with whenever we come in contact with it, see it or hear it being played.

And for ladies and gentlemen alike who have taken the classic and for some, even an enjoyable habit at that of cigar, we have the room just for you. The Cigar Bar, tastefully done and decorated, it’s like being drawn back to the olden days where every room has its purpose and for every purpose there is a room.

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